Leaders are made under pressure.

Our LEAD Expert, Founder, and CEO's
Expertise include...

Twenty Years

20+ years hands-on expertise

either directly and/or indirectly in various areas of Information Technology, to include but not limited to, the following areas:
  1. 01. Enterprise FISMA Information Systems Risk Management
  2. 02. FISMA/ FedRAMP Security Compliance Auditing
  3. 03. Cloud Computing Architecture and Engineering
  4. 04. Technical Writing and Training
  5. 05. SharePoint Site Development, and Administration
  6. 06. Application Quality Assurance (QA) Tester
  7. 07. Data Analytics
  8. 08. CyberSecurity Defensive Security
  9. 09. Windows Active Directory Architecture and Administration
  10. 10. Windows Server Administration
  11. 11. Asset Mananagement and Deployment
  12. 12. Application Layer Workflow Process Development
  13. 13. Application Security Engineering


Our team lead is 100% Self-taught and hands on. That said, our company does not focus on formal education. Our top performers have no college degree, no certifications- but can address any of the items noted under the expertise area with no issues.

Our vision is to demonstrate that formal education is not required to excel in this field. While we are not against formal education, the best individuals are self-taught and pro-active learners. This field isn't a one-size-fits-all and is definetely one that changes constantly- those education is truly never ending and in many instances, we encounter changes in a monthly or quaterly basis.


The following is a general list of skillsets our lead has...

  1. 01. Enterprise Level Information Systems Risk Management Implementation and Assessment- FISMA/NIST Frameworks
  2. 02. Enterprise Level Cybersecurity Framework Implementation
  3. 03. Senior Level Security Compliance Auditing [Not a Checklist Process]
  4. 04. Microsoft SharePoint Development and Administration
  5. 05. Microsoft Office 365 Global Administration and Security Management
  6. 06. Network Architecture/ Security Engineering
  7. 07. Cloud Computing Architecture/ Security Engineering
  8. 08. User/ Administrators Instructional User Guides Development
  9. 09. Vulnerability Testing and Analysis
  10. 10. Multi-language research on CyberSec
  11. 11. Application Development Quality Assurance Security Testing
  12. 12. Active Directory Management and Administration
  13. 13. Application Layer Security Testing
Job Roles

Our team lead has held and/or performed duties, either directly or indirectly, for tasks associated with the following roles:

  1. 01. Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)
  2. 02. Senior FISMA/NIST Security Analyst/ Auditor
  3. 03. Senior FedRAMP Lead Auditor
  4. 04. Cloud Architect/ Senior Security Engineer
  5. 05. Microsoft SharePoint Administrator
  6. 06. Microsoft Active Directory Architect/ Administrator
  7. 07. Asset Management and Deployment Manager
  8. 08. Windows Server Network Administrator
  9. 09. Application Developer and Quality Assurance Tester
  10. 10. Technical Writer and Trainer
  11. 11. Helpdesk Data Analyst
  12. 12. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Consumers Previously Worked For as a Consultant

Department of Homeland Security Executive Office for the President of the United States United States Coast GuardNational Institute of Health

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Department of Treasury Fannie Mae